Why I believe Open-Source Technology is better than others?

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With the rise of the Internet, Open-Source Technology became widely adopted by developers, which powered number of concepts/models, interactive communities, etc. It’s the first choice of High-Tech Startups and small companies.

Open-Source is not nameless, faceless, and it’s not charity. Nor is it solely a community effort. What you see today is a technology revolution driven by market demand.

Entrepreneurs have put open source to work building companies or products. Yahoo, Amazon, and Google all make heavy use of open source. A growing number of venture-funded companies are built using open source or offer services related to open source. Some companies have even been known to publish books and run conferences related to open source.

Open-Source Technology is easy to learn & implement, at an affordable cost in small startup companies. Its future looks bright because community support is BEST.

Companies are looking at optimizing their IT budgets and seriously looking at Return on their investments. The commercial software license costs; be in hardware, operating system, infrastructure, database, commercial applications and consulting & support, is being reviewed and seriously considered for optimizing and cost cutting.

Open-Source Technology is the best & popular choice among NGOs & people who are running their online home business.

Today, many companies are using open source technologies in mission-critical environments and are reaping the benefits of lower costs, easier manageability, higher availability, and reliability along with performance and scalability advantages.

So, why should not I love Open-Source Technology?

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  1. Why I believe Open-Source Technology is better than others?…

    Open source is an approach to design, development, and distribution offering practical accessibility to a product’s source (goods and knowledge)….
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